Supporting men and women

At Restored to Life the aim is to assist Australian church leaders and denominations to facilitate ministries of hope and freedom from pornography addiction and relational brokenness.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with addiction in this area then take heart.

Hope and wholeness are possible through relational support, accountability and ministry that breaks shame and brings an inner healing you never thought possible. All things are possible with God!

Realise, you are not alone in your struggle. There is a war going on and we have to break denial:

According to the findings of Pure Desire ministries International, 60 to 70% of men in the church and 50% of pastors are in some way struggling sexually and losing the battle. Increasingly women are caught up in this bondage in various ways too, be it love addiction or porn addiction.

  • With trained facilitators and excellent Pure Desire materials we consult to churches on how to start a ministry in this area.
  • This includes training and mentoring church leaders who are wanting to learn how to effectively help people who are struggling. (See About for more information).
  • We also offer holistic biblical counselling and recovery work for both men and women with proven biblical – clinical tools developed by Pure Desire International ministries (

Contact Bernard on:  + 61 (Mobile)  0412 768 119 or

*Please be advised that I am legally required to break confidentiality if a client discloses that they may harm themselves; or discloses that they may harm others